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PS3 Slim Rumors Popping Up Everywhere


While lots of people tend to still deny the rumor that a PS3 Slim is in the making, it doesn’t stop the rumors from popping up all over. There are many false promises coming out this generation as we all know but every great change in this industry starts out with a rumor that seems false when its presented.

Today on NeoGaf there are 2 individuals who seemingly popped in to spread some information at the same time. The information they have is the same as well but both decline to expel their sources.

They are not the first sources on NeoGaf to say they have trusted sources saying it is in fact true nor the first people in the industry.

I’m not one to jump on forum rumors, but I think there are way of rationing information that is more true then not and I’m leaning towards true for these guys.

Link 1

Ok, somebody i trust confirmed to me that the ps3 slim will be released around september. I can’t give more details.

Also the old ps3 80 Gb will be priced at 300€ in august. But i see that is already known.

Link 2

I’ve received the same information. More details coming before next week.

The 300 € price for the big rig is applying for both the console only and the bundles.

Both of these posters are saying that the price of the slim will not be as low as we want/hope/expect it to be.

Only time can tell now, but I’m 95% certain its on its way. Too many insiders have spilled the beans already.