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16 Comments has a new look and new features!

I’ve decided it was time to change up the theme a little bit. The photo in the top banner was taken by myself. I “drew” them with a flashlight one night. I’ve customized this theme heavily as well.

New Features:

  • You can rate posts if you like them.
  • When your on a post you can click the authors name. That will take you to there author page. Which shows all the posts they have done. It also shows a bio and messenger profiles (if they updated there profile).
  • Comments and Trackbacks are kept separate in there own tab.
  • When authors make a comment on there own post it’s highlighted in black
  • Advanced Search Box
  • Direct links to PlayStation Store Global Updates and The Weekly Recap in the sidebar
  • For those that post news, there where 2 different “Post Tags” sections, now there is just one. Please use as many tags that are relevant to the post.
  • Post area is now wider. Max width for images and videos are now 620 pixels wide.
  • Amazon Store is now embedded into the site

You can now get points for being a member of the site. But you need to be logged in for it to count.

  • 5 Points for a Comment
  • 20 Points for a Post
  • 100 Points for New Members that join the site

You can track your points on the right side bar. And see the members with the highest points.

You can now subscribe to comments on posts. It will email you when a new comment is posted. You can manage your subscriptions, and disable any subscriptions you want. Another option is to subscribe without leaving a comment. I added another tab for that next to “store”. Just a FYI you can’t subscribe to your own post.

If you are still using the old RSS Feed, please switch to the new one here.

And last but not least. We have a new co-writer! Eddie has accepted to officially be part of the team. Check out his bio on the about page.