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Quick Game Impressions

Fat Princess: Simple CTF frag-fest with a unique look. It’s fun and it’s got a unique personality, but if you were expecting something beyond a basic CTF game (as I was), you will be disappointed. I can’t help but feel that the preview buzz to quality ratio was unusually high. There are also major network problems, which is very common (and hopefully short lived) for new games.

Shatter: Very clever twist on a break-out or Arkanoid style game. Nice physics, effects, and really well done boss battles. Good, fun, simple, easy to appreciate.

Red Faction Guerilla: Top-of-the line graphics engine and production values. Fun building destruction, open world exploration, and pure mindless destroy-everything action game. On the downside, the action and the challenge never felt right. Most of the missions have constant never-ending streams of enemy respawns which made the gun fights more frustrating than fun.

Godfather II: Whatever made this Godfather fantasy cool decades ago either got lost in translation or has simply become stale. The action, mini-games, the characters, and the stylized old-man Italian machismo failed to catch my interest. On the up-side, the tech, graphics, and overall production value of the software is excellent, but basically wasted on an uninteresting game. I’m glad that this game engine is put to better use on games like Dead Space.

Fuel: This is very similar to Motorstorm but not nearly as good. The racing, physics, and action aren’t nearly as polished. The “open-world” elements are bland and repetitive compared with games that feature tight and action packed race tracks. On the plus side, this does have some cool environments and very stylish weather effects.


I generally prefer talking about games I like rather than those that I don’t. On this site, we’ve talked much more about several amazing recent games: the Wipeout Fury expansion is amazing, Infamous is the last big great retail game I’ve played, and Killzone 2 DLC adds to the excellent multiplayer.

Disagree on any of these? I’d love to hear it in the comments.