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Upcoming LBP DLC to Include New Creation Tools?

Remember that post I did about LBP reaching 1 million levels? And at the end of it, I mentioned that the developers would have upcoming news on the 18th? Well, some details may have slipped through to, where it was revealed that an upcoming DLC pack will include new creation tools. Here’s what 1up had posted:

“A lot of our DLC so far has been based around expanding our palletes, if you like; more costumes, more stickers, and things like this,” co-founder Mark Healy told Videogaming247.

“A big part of what’s coming in the future expands on what’s possible in Little Big Planet in terms of it being a creation tool.”

Healy said there will be “lots of exciting things that make it into more of a versatile creation tool.” No doubt this is the content that Media Molecule said would make fans “very happy” during the Develop conference earlier this month.

Not much had been mentioned as far as what the new creation tool(s) is/are, let alone a price, but come the 18th of this month, MediaMolecule should be releasing more details on what to expect. Get the original story here.