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80 Gigs Seem to be “Out of Stock” in Many Locations

Many stores from several countries have been reporting that 80 gig PS3 units are now out of stock with new shipments to be determined. I’ve heard reports from Australia, Japan and Europe already.

In Japan there is even a sign on the local store stating that the 80 gig units have been discontinued Story and Image Here.

This is playing right into the hand of the Slim’s imminent launch and announcement at GamesCom. Of course this is completely conjecture and nothing is confirmed, but at the very least there is an announcement to be had here of some sort.

To give this story a tad more spin, we all have assumed that a Slim version would take a complete remodeling of our current PS3. Well it seems that the current PS3’s are becomign quite the cavernous unit. Below is an image comparing the 60 gig motherboard to the currently used motherboard.

So what does everyone else think? Price drop? Slim? Nothing?


New Info:

Techradar seems to have come across the rumor of an £85/100 Euro price drop on 8/18.

Story Here