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More FFXIV Information Coming in!


I hate to sound like a broken recored with FFXIV but the newest issue of Dengeki Magazine has several scans Found Here of some new character models of FFXIV. The information is currently being fully translated but here is some of the info that has been gathered thus far!

Hyuran (human)
Lalafell (taru)
Roegadyn (galka)


Haven’t seen any English names for the “new” Elvaans and Mithras, but a tentative romanization would be Elzen and Mikott.

Fighter and Sorcerers don’t look like classes to me, but rather groups of classes. Apparently, within the Fighter group, you have swordsmen and archers.


-Midlanders(lowland nation) and Highlanders (high ground nation), there exist two clans.

-Indigenous peoples of Eorzea
-Opposed to the Hyurans
-Developed hearing abilities

-Agricultural people of the south seas
-High intelligence
-Females appear to be scarce

The Hyuran are said to be the most prolific race of all Eorzea. This is pretty much in line with Vana’diel, as they again appear to take the role of “default race.” The article says that they migrated to Eorzea in large number from neighboring islands and continents. They brought with them great technology and innovation that raised the civilization of Eorzea to new heights (quite literally, judging from the trailer). Amongst the Hyuran, there is much variety in terms of language and culture. The two main classifications of Hyuran are “Midlanders” who migrated to lower areas and the “Highlanders” who migrated into the hills and mountains.

The Roegadyn are a muscular race that live near the Northern Sea. It appears that some work as hired mercenaries or bodyguards, but others lead a less noble life as pirates.

Miqo’te are cat-like people who are again known as fierce hunters. They are mainly separated into “Sunseekers” and “Moonkeepers.” They are a minority race in the land of Eorzea.

Job Genre
The path of the Sorcerer is open to those who possess magical weapons imbued with fantastic power. The picture shows a staff, but it is possible there will be other weapon types available. Classes representative of the way of the Sorcerer include ŽôpŽm (ju-jutsu-shi), which may be a first for Final Fantasy, excluding the upcoming Final Fantasy Gaiden on the Nintendo DS. It can translate to a couple things, such as witch, shaman or warlock. The second class has been Conjurer in Final Fantasy III, and Caller in Final Fantasy IV.

Guild Leave:
– these are passes of trust you obtain from guilds
– a Leave is not a quest. it’s a card.
– you can mix your Leaves with other players’ Leaves
– at the Adventurers’ Guild, you can get Guild Leaves
– there are Leaves that you can’t get when your skill is low
– typically a Leave will take 30 mins to complete, there are some shorter too
– you can set the number of people needed to clear the Leave by yourself (seems to be like a difficulty level)
– if one person is carrying a Leave, other players may join whether they have the same Leave or not
– the contents of the Leave change after a week passes
– you can carry multiple Leaves (they are card form, like invitations)
– Guild Leaves are designed like Tarot cards and are really beautiful

About, items and inventory space.Â¥
Jobs can be changed anywhere simply by changing your weapon.

The equipment will lose durability over time via combat.

Real Time
Main character grows with weapons.

-The weather changes as well a day and night
-Will be 1 real hour, 1 game day, like FFXI
-Currency is Gil.
-Everyone who lives in the citys have their own background stories.
-Ethelite- installations that can warp you to your adventuring spot instantly

– in Eorzea, the cities are not all on one connecting landmass, like they were in FFXI
– the difference between races is not as big as FFXI
– but their is a difference between male and females, which they are keeping secret
– character creation: face, hair colour, eye colour, skin, etc. etc.
– battles are realtime, but not action based
– targeting an enemy and fighting (like FFXI) is not the main system, there will be a lot that you have to think about besides the target itself.
– because of the armory system, they are going to make it possible to carry lots of stuff
– there will also be stuff included that makes it easy to change gear
– they’re considering whether to let you master everything or not – there may be a see-saw like approach (like FFXI)
– the base of the character growth is the weapon. use a weapon and raise your skills.
– they are considering the option to let you arrange your windows how you want
– weapons will degrade with use
– Guild Leaves include monster hunting, expulsion, skilling up, etc etc
– when you go on a Leave run, you can use Ethelite to take you where you need to go instantly
– there are pirates in Rimsa
– Miqo’te are more catlike
– some trumpeting about how it’s going to be an awesome game
– right from the start, it’ll be exciting and you’ll be thinking “orly!?”
– weather changes, day/night too
– 1 game day = 1 earth hour
– people who can only play an hour a day will still be able to enjoy the game
– the monetary system is Gil
– the people living in the cities all have their own backstory
– you’ll start the game from your home city (I guess it’s based on race, but doesn’t say implicitly).

Desert City – Uldaha
Forest City – Gridania
Ocean City – Rimsa Rominsa
(the spelling could be way off, just going from the 2ch stuff Munba posted)

Armory System:
– you can change jobs and lifestyles freely
– by changing your weapon, you are essneitally changing jobs, and can do so anywhere
– so if you are invited to a PT and there are a lot of fighters, you can switch to a caster, then when your adventures are over, go fishing or synth some stuff
– weapons and def gear all have their own merit. if you want to hone a particular skill, you can coordinate your equipment in that direction
– rather than character levels and skills, the main thing is the skill of the item you are holding
– you can play on your own and switch between fighter and caster to heal yourself, so soloing is easy
– changing is as simple as changing your weapon, so there’s no stress
– typical jobs of the FF series, e.g. warrior and black mage, are being avoided
– you can basically enjoy this world in any way you want. (me: freedom seems to be the main point here)