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Killzone 2 is Full of Schmucks

Yesterday I tried unsuccessfully to set up a games night in Killzone 2. But I decided to go online anyway and see what fun there was to be had.

First, I searched for games with the new maps, because I’ve bought them and want to play them. For one of the two maps, there were NO GAMES. Not even full games. Can it be that nobody at all was playing this map yesterday at prime time? (Around 9:30pm EST.) For the other map, there was exactly one game. It is very frustrating to buy a map pack and then not be able to play the maps!

I tried a total of three games last night. All three had these two things in common:

The teams were unbalanced. In one game, I joined a team with two players and the other team had nine! How is this fair? How is this even fun? Needless to say, I exited the game before getting very far. The other two games were almost as bad. I play games to have fun, not to be annoyed.

The games were full of spawn campers. All three. And it was pretty bad. In one game I was placed on the side with many more players (why?). And I wandered around the level, and there was nobody to fight! Eventually I found the enemy – being spawn camped by a bunch of people on my team. Where’s the fun in that? So I exited the game.

Are all game players out there always this unsportsmanlike? Sniveling little cowards who don’t know the meaning of fair play? Is this what Killzone 2 has devolved to? This is not fun. Not even a bit. After last night’s experience I really wish for the days where The Mockers were active. Now those were fun games.