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Downloadable Content: Is it Worth it?

Remember the good old days before the 360 and PS3 came along? There really wasn’t any downloadable content to be had with games. You couldn’t even get games patched if there was some major issues. It’s definitely a good thing that that is no longer the case this day and age, but one thing that bothers me is all this downloadable content.

It’s not the content that bothers me, though. I love to have more content for my games. The thing that bothers me is the price of content, especially useless items like the infamous Horse Armor for Oblivion, which cost, at the time, 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50). That’s all it was, too. Absolutely nothing else, no side quest, nothing…

What would be considered justified pricing on DLC? Back when PC was in it’s heyday, there really wasn’t any map packs for, say, first person shooters. Maps were usually free, and sometimes packaged with a game patch (like Coral Sea on Battlefield 1942). Now, since DLC made a name for itself in the home console market, we’re now paying money for more multiplayer maps. Something that used to be free!

I’m really tired of being nickel and dimed to death because devs want to make a quick buck by putting a price on worthless content. There’s always that glimmer of hope there. There are plenty of games that deserve credit. One of the most recent ones would be Midnight Club: Los Angeles. They had a completely free map add-on you can download, and actually adds quite a bit more driving to the game (the South Central map). Of course, it had the car packs at a price, but with the South Central pack that was released along side the map, it not only added cars, but a whole bunch of racing/driving missions and trophies as well, almost justifying the price tag ($9.99).

As far as king of free content goes, though, nothing came close to what Burnout Paradise had. Remember how much free content they gave us? That’s how it should have been! Other than the Metal Gear Solid pack from LittleBigPlanet, there really isn’t much worth paying for on that game’s DLC side. Stuff like costumes should be free…

So, I’ve given you my opinion on the whole thing. What do you guys think? Is DLC worth it? Which DLC would you pay money for? Which game has the best DLC? Let us know in the comments section!