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Aliens vs Predator - player classes will be balanced

Aliens Vs Predator

CVG had a chance to interview the guys making Aliens vs Predator. They are making sure each of the characters (predator, aliens, marines) are well balanced in the single player and multiplayer. The developers have been playing the multiplayer for a while. So hopefully they work out all the kinks.

It’s great that there will be 3 individual single player campaigns with separate stories that all connect, just like the previous games. Plus you also get multiplayer. CVG asked them about the upcoming motion tech from Sony and Microsoft and they said:

We’re always keeping a sharp eye on any new developments available to make games more immersive, and the new motion control developments look very exciting. I don’t think the technology will be quite ready for us to use in this iteration of AvP – but maybe next time…

They are looking into DLC but no details yet. With AVP2 there where a lot of mods. The character mods where fun, hopefully that makes a comeback. Wonder if the exo-suit will be in the game. It was overpowered but it did have a weak spot, 😉 Having a Alien Queen in the game would be interesting too. It would be great if there was a beta or demo, but they won’t saying anything about that just yet.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Predator is of course my favorite, but I’ll be trying out all the classes. But most of the time I’ll play as Predator. Watch for me in the shadows, mwhahaha. Day 1 for me! Game is out Feb 2010 according to Sega’s website.

Aliens Versus Predator Interview