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Fat Princess Review: Single and Multiplayer

If you want to skip my negativity, skip this part.

Single Player

For those who are wanting to find a deep and enganging single player experience, look somewhere else. The downloadable game has a novelty feel to it, yes, but the experience I had with, “Play with yourself” portion of the game had some dumb AI choices. For example, you set up the catapult right? And you expect some of the little guys to come with you to jump over to the next castle, but no. They’re on the their own little adventure capturing resources. I even sat in the catapult waiting for them until they notice I was in it. Either way, I kinda felt like the single player should’ve been a straight RTS. But their are some positives.

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It does give you a reason why we’re going and getting the Princess, and why she’s eating so many cakes. And it has some humor in it where you’ll hear a few cries like, “I’m hungry, feed me cake”. Her voice even changes every time you feed her cake as well. There are 4 different game modes, which you can go online or offline. Like I said, offline is not where the meat is at all.

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The thing about the online is, you can find a game and usually you stick with it. The customization in, “Lets Get Fabulous” is varied. I mean that in a good way. You can change the color of your skin tone and hair. Their are 22 skin tones, hair and beard styles. Pressing the “Randomonizer”, Will give you a chuckle or two. Now back to what I think about the online.

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It’s so fun, addicting, and charming all at the same time where you really can’t say anything bad about it. For starters, you have 5 classes to pick from: Priest, Warrior, Worker, Mage, and Archer. (Note that all this is in the single player as well.) The Job of the Worker class is to go and get resources, such as wood and rocks. You use this to build castle doors, ladders, bridges. But the important thing is to upgrade the “hat machine”. When you upgrade the worker class, it comes with a bang. A bomb, which you can use to explode castle doors.

The warrior is what you expect him to do,hack and slash to gain some points. He has slightly more health than the rest of the class’s, which can be an advantage. When upgraded, he gets a spear which you use to lunge at the enemies.

The priest goes around and heals people, and tries to stay as far as away from the battle as possible. When upgraded, it turns into a dark priest which can suck peoples life away until the final thump and your dead.

The Mage Class is unique, your allowed to shoot fireballs at people or make a circle of fire. When upgraded, it uses ice instead of fire now and you can freeze people in their tracks, so its easier to catch that darn perpetrator.

The archer is the only class that uses the environment around him, such as making his arrows into fire arrows. When upgraded, he gets a shotgun….that’s it.

You can change classes anytime you want by picking up hats on the ground, meaning that if you kill a priest, and you want to become a priest viola. There you go.

Their are 8 maps, and all have their unique uses. Whether it be, a trail of rocks that make you run faster or lava that rises and lowers. And what else is that it is completely symmetrical. Too bad their isn’t more of them.

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Game Modes

  • Rescue the Princess: Is Everything you’ve seen in the previews, videos. The objective here is to point blank capture your princess back
  • Snatch ‘n Grab: Same thing as “Rescue the Princess”, except your going to get the enemies princes three times instead of once. VERY lengthy games.
  • Team Deathmatch: Kill, capture and gest as many resources as you can until the 300 point goes down to zero.
  • Invasion: Control and capture as many towers as you can.


This game is a great addition to the PSN Game section, and is totally worth the price if you just want a fun game to blow off some steam. The only gripes i had was with the single player session, and the lack of clan or experience point system for the online.

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Fat Princess provided by Titan Studios.