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What’s new with the PSP go?

First of all, the PSP Go will of course launch with a brand new firmware full of new options and tweakables. The pre-release sample Digital Foundry played around with came with OFW 5.70, although that may change when the Go hits retail. A lot of the differences between the Go’s firmware 5.70 and the currently available 5.51 deal with the XMB, specifically the Settings area. Here’s what they found:

  • Network Update is now listed as System Update, but, curiously, has the same options.
  • Video Settings obviously doesn’t have the first four UMD-related toggles.
  • System Settings now has a “Your Birth Date” option (second from top), and a “Display Panel Close Option” toggle, which allows you to set it to either “Standard” (goes to a clock graphic) or “Enter Sleep Mode”. Also “Battery Information” seems to be gone, as do UMD-related options, but there’s a “Format System Storage” option in addition to the usual Memory Stick format option.
  • Power Save Settings loses the “Backlight Auto-Adjust” option for some reason.
  • There’s a new “Bluetooth Device Settings” entry, which consists of a toggle for switching Bluetooth on and off and a “Manage Bluetooth Devices” entry.

Another change is the introduction of a new “System Storage” folder similar to the Memory Stick one. This one is for the PSP Go’s internal flash storage. The available space for users is 14.74GB formatted in FAT32.

Hardware-wise, Sony has introduced a few more proprietary doodads for the PSP Go. The USB cable is reportedly not conventional. The end that attaches to PC is of course the same as the ones we currently have, but the end that connects to the PSP Go itself is described as wider and thinner. The Audio-Video port has also been changed, so your old component cables likely won’t work.