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Judge Gives Go-Ahead for Lawsuit Against EA

A US District Judge has denied EA it’s motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit filed by gamers who claimed Electronic Arts is monopolizing the markets with the exclusivity deal with the NFL (among other brands and sports) and raising the price of the Madden games in the process (all this started back when NFL 2K5 came out, which was far superior to Madden and only cost $20).

According to the source, Nintendo Everything (weird source for being on a PS3 blog lol), this is what the lawsuit alleges:

The lawsuit alleges EA established agreements with the National Football League (NFL), The NFL Players Union, Arena Football League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), that drove competition out of the market and prevented new competitors from entering.

The agreements resulted in the company’s flagship product, Madden NFL, to increase 70 percent from a cost of $29.99 to $49.99, the suit states.

Two counts in the lawsuit were dismissed (nothing mentioned of which they were) and 4 counts were moved forward, which included “violation of the federal Sherman Act, violations of California’s Cartwright Act, violation of California’s unfair competition act and unjust enrichment.” EA is definitely going to have a hell of a time with this one.

As to what will happen next, we’ll have to see. The case supposedly represents anyone who bought one of these branded games since August 2005. I’m actually hoping for a win here. NFL 2K5 was, really, the last great football game. Anyway, you can keep up to date with the lawsuit here.