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LBP Community Levels: The Best of the Best!

Tired of weeding through the countless levels in LBP some people create just to obtain  the Level Publishing Trophy? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve discovered some of the best of the best community levels available in LBP .

#1 Rise of the Snow Queen Trilogy by Ice Maiden

This level is something of a love story where your sack sets off to save his/her beloved from the evil Snow Queen. It’s a very imaginative and simple trilogy. My only complaint is that all 3 levels are a bit  short. The 2nd level of the trilogy is the best in my opinion.

#2 The Good The Bad and The Sackboy Trilogy by Wexfordian

Don’t be fooled by the title. These levels are loosely based off the popular Clint EastWood movie.  All 3 are challenging and not for beginners.  The last level of the trilogy is a  surprise. I don’t want to spoil it but your sack isn’t in the old west anymore.

#3 Smurfs by Mysterious_K

We all remember those little blue people right? This level is quite fun and isn’t very difficult. Your objective is to find all the Smurfs scattered throughout the level. Simple stuff.

#4 Distress in the Ocean by YAMAME3

Your sack begins the level ready for an uneventful voyage by sea. Unfortunately, the neighborhood shark hasn’t eaten in days. A rather simple and fun level. The creator is Japanese but he ( or she ) was thoughtful enough to add English to the level too.

#5 Final Fantasy VIII The Landing- Dollet Mission- by RIKAKURo

This is a music level based on the entitled mission in FFVIII when this piece was played in the game. I’m a huge FF8 fan so I couldn’t pass this one up. 🙂

That’s all for this week. I’ll add 5 more levels/trilogies next Saturday.