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First Wave of MAG Invites Sent Out

No, this isn’t to sign up in an attempt to join (which was a week ago or so), but rather, actual entry into the beta. I got my email today saying that I have been chosen to participate in the beta. I am currently in the process of downloading the file (which is 298MB so it should be pretty quick to download.) There are a few bits of information contained within the email:

  • MAG Beta will only be available to play between the hours of 10AM to 1PM-PDT and 5PM and 8PM Monday through Friday
  • MAG will be showcased at GamesCom and need as many players playing as possible, so these are the scheduled times for GamesCom (all are in PDT):
    • August 19th 12AM to 1PM
    • August 20th 1AM to 1PM
    • August 21st 12AM to 1PM
    • August 22nd 12AM to 11AM
    • August 23rd 12AM to 9AM

This is more of a serious beta test than a lot of the ones I’ve been in (which were more or less exclusive demos). They seem to be really serious about bug reporting, etc. so hopefully we’ll be able to see any much needed improvement for any serious bugs that may happen to show up. The MAG Beta Central site is where that will be taken care of (as are pretty much all other betas).

This is one hell of an ambitious game. Here’s hoping Zipper Interactive can pull this one off! If anyone else made it into the beta, I’ll see YOU on the field!

Alrighty, after it downloaded and installed, you then had to get a 33MB patch (1.01) and then when it starts up again, it goes through an in-game update, which is about 2 GBs, so it’s going to take a lot longer to get it going than expected hehe. Good thing I do periodical clean ups on drive space.