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EVE Online Developer Creating FPS MMO for Consoles

CCP (the Shanghai studio) is currently developing a first-person shooter for consoles (most likely 360 and PS3). The game also, apprently, has some RTS elements as well. The kicker is that it’s a massively multiplayer title. And it takes place in the EVE Online universe. The name of the game? DUST 514. Apparently, the game has been in development for the past 3 years, and was only recently trademarked this month. Here’s what they told

Our success with EVE Online has afforded us the highest caliber global design and production talent in gaming. With a team of the best minds in the industry, we conceived an ambitious new take on virtual world development with DUST 514.

That’s not all, though. IGN has also revealed a few other tidbits as well:

DUST 514 is a first-person shooter that’s being incorporated into the EVE universe, acting essentially an MMO for consoles. It’s a mix of first-person shooting and real-time strategy gameplay where you play as a marine with a rifle running around on the ground. It’s not only set in the EVE universe, it’s actually connected to EVE. The DUST battlefields will determine who controls territory within EVE’s world. The EVE Online players will have to contract players of DUST to go in and destabilize territory. CCP’s hope is that the first-person shooter crowd on consoles and the PC EVE Online crowd will eventually form alliances together.

That’s actually one hell of an ambitious game. The set up for how you play on DUST and it affecting EVE Online players on the PC, is one big step in gaming. Especially since it’s technically not the same game. As far as other information is concerned, there hasn’t been anything revealed beyond that. No pricing system, release date, etc. We will see more information pop up at CCP’s Fanfest in October, though. There was also a trailer shown, but it is currently unavailable.