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More PS3 Slim Shots & Details

  • New slim model comes with sync feature for Sony Bravia HDTV sets:
  • “The new PS3 system is also equipped with the BRAVIA® Syncâ„¢ feature. By connecting the new PS3 system and a BRAVIA TV with the HDMI cable, users are able to directly operate the XMB on PS3 using the TV remote control. Other functions include “System Standby” that will automatically turn off the PS3 system when the BRAVIA TV is turned off”

  • New slim SKU drops support for Linux. Honestly, this wasn’t very useful anyway: if you want Linux, get a cheap PC or laptop with more RAM.
  • Based on this comparison pic from Sony PR, the size difference looks larger than 33%. Hopefully these pics are proportionately accurate:
  • ps3slim_comparison

  • I would assume that this new slim model uses newer 45nm fabrication tech for GPU/CPU. The initial PS3 hardware used 90nm fab tech and recent PS3 models used 60nm fab tech. (Smaller fabrication tech results in lower power draw, lower heat output, and smaller size).
  • Are the cited 33% weight, power, and heat improvements compared with initial PS3 SKU or recent PS3 SKU?