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FFXIV First In-Game Video

Finally we get to see what the predecessor to FFXI looks like and it doesn’t disappoint. The draw distance is ungodly especially for MMO’s. The background graphics are amazing yet still.

With that said I think character animations leave a little to be desired and I’m not to sure I like the chat box either. It was moving fairly quick not that its a problem because I’m use to it in FFXI.

So what do you all think of this early build? At least we know the game is live!

Edit: Here is some of the chat log translated from German

-[…] recieved for the special ability “Swordplay”
-your “Swordplay” raised to level 2
-you defeated a group of Dodo!
-you can’t do this action when target is k.o.
-the shield of gcuser140 is back to normal
Edit: Moar chatlog:

(new scene at 0:15).

gcuser030 takes 1 point of damage.

… uses “Attack”.

… deals 1 point of damage to gcuser030 with “Attack” from behind.

An error occurred. The command “Adventurer Mode” cannot be used.

… uses “Attack”.

… hits gcuser030 with “Attack” on a weak point.

An error occurred, the command “Combat Mode” cannot be used.

Later, at ~ 0.45:

An error occurred, the Command “Sword Thrust” cannot be used.

Later, at ~ 0.49:

The Ability “Swordplay” raises by 4422.

Another ability name @ ~ 0:53:

-The Command “Red Lotus” cannot be used.

And another one a bit later:

– The Command “Sword slash” cannot be used.

Another ability name @ ~ 1:15:
“Schutzschild” -> Protective Shield

Other Notes:
In the top right corner, there’s written “Nichts für Tierfreunde”, this sounds like a quest name “Not for animal lovers.”