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GamesCom 09 | Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker co-op details

The trailer below shows how the co-op works. You can team up with 2 to 4 players. You can work together in several ways. For example help each other to reach higher areas, hold a door open while your teammate(s) run in. If your teammate dies you can revive them with CPR. Boxes have received an upgrade to. Two can hide and move per box and you can use boxes to reach higher places as well.

If you make your character put his hand on the back of another player’s character, the two characters will be connected. When one moves, the other will follow automatically.

Some screens show a mysterious red ring surrounding two characters. While Famitsu doesn’t say for sure, it seems that when these rings are overlapping, the two characters can share weapons and equipment.

I like the option of connecting your characters, but hopefully you can disconnect quickly in case your friend isn’t very good at sneaking. I couldn’t find if multiplayer support was online or just local. I’m hoping it both.

I wish this was on the PlayStation 3 instead of the PSP honestly. But it looks like a great Metal Gear title for the PSP. I like the tank part at the end, lol. Wonder if the “tank” is functional in some way.

Metal Gear Solid PW Multiplayer Detailed