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Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3 Review

My friend told me this was on clearance at BestBuy for only $25. Which is a pretty good deal, normally they run $50 at Amazon. So I decided to try it out. It comes with 2 adapters which easily connect to the DualShock 3 / Sixaxis. But if you want extra adapters they are NOT sold separately so that kinda sucks.

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3
Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3

Style wise it blends in pretty well if you have a black controller. You can fit 2 on the charge pad at once. They are slightly magnetic so they won’t slide around on the charge pad. It takes about 4 hours to charge completely. When your charging the controllers there is a blue light that turns on.

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3
Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3

There are Psyclone TouchCharge Kits for the 360 and Wii. But it requires 2 rechargeable batteries. But with the PS3 version you just use the USB port on the controller. So it’s a lot more streamlined, plus it cheaper.

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3

I wouldn’t recommend this if you use Sony’s Keyboard Peripheral often, since you can’t use both at once. Now this does add some bulk to the controller and you’ll notice it. I had several long gaming sessions with it and it didn’t interfere with me playing at all. But feels more comfortable with it off honestly. At least it’s light so you won’t notice any extra weight. Check out the photos below to see how it looks to hold the controller with and without the Psyclone TouchCharge Kit.

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3

Psyclone TouchCharge Kit for PS3

It is cool to just place it down on the charging pad once your done playing and forget about it. I ended up taking it back because I didn’t have a good place for the charging pad and I preferred playing with the adapters removed. But that’s just me. My friend still really likes his.

[review pros=”No need to physically plug/unplug the controller
Frees up a USB Slot on the PS3
Charge 2 Controllers at once
Easy to use
Lightweight” cons=”Added bulk
Can’t use Sony’s Keyboard Peripheral with it attached
Extra adapters are not sold separately” score=81]

And yes those are RealTriggers on my controller 🙂 I highly recommend them!

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of the Psyclone TouchCharge Kit provided by Psyclone.