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LittleBigPlanet on PSP Loses Multiplayer?

According to Joystiq Producer Mark Green has told Eurogamer that there won’t be any multiplayer on the PSP version of the game. Here’s what he said:

The one thing we’ve lost is multiplayer. The system is physically capable of doing multiplayer, but perhaps not with the full physics system. On the technical side of things you lose a third of the processing power or a third of the system memory just to do multiplayer at all. With those limitations we couldn’t achieve it.

There will still be full level creation, but the game has been downsized a bit. You know the 2D planes you can use on the PS3 version (there’s 3)? There is only one in LBP PSP, so you wouldn’t be able to create levels quite as dynamic as the PS3 version. I still can’t believe there’s no multiplayer, though, because the soul of the first game was the level creation, the heart was always multiplayer.

Given these changes, do you think it would still be worth a purchase, despite not being able to play it with friends? There’s still online for sharing levels and whatnot, though.