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A Collection of GamesCom Interviews

Here’s a collection of in-game interviews conducted by the Official PlayStation Blog. Some of these you’ve already seen, but here’s the whole collection (so far) in case you missed any:

ModNation Racers

Lost Planet 2

Heavy Rain

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

LittleBigPlanet on PSP

There will most likely be more, but if you’re at all interested, here are a couple “Virtual Booth Tours” as well:


Heavy Rain

ModNation Racers is looking very promising now, as is Heavy Rain. Uncharted 2 is obviously looking amazing and Lost Planet 2 should be awesome (the first one was great, though, I heard the PS3 version was crap (I played the 360 version myself)). And, despite the PSP LBP not having any multiplayer, I still look forward to seeing what people create despite barriers like there only being one 2D layer to work with now. Also, MAG is actually pretty decent, but still needs a lot of work. Could be a hit title when it’s released, though. Enjoy!