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Shuhei Yoshida Interview.

Shuhei Yoshida was interviewed by Eurogamer and was asked a range of questions from the PS3 Slim to the PSP Go to Firmware 3.0 and i noticed this quote about Sony’s approach to the XMB;

Shuhei Yoshida: I think we have the fundamentals in there, so the approach we are taking is to make managing your digital content easier in terms of how you get it and how you move it from PS3 to PSP. We are also updating the Media Go software to manage your PSP products. Definitely there’s no [claim that] this is the ultimate user interface for the PS3, but the incremental approach that we are taking I think is the right way to go.

Microsoft have made big changes to their interface with the NXE that was launched earlier this year and i couldn’t help comparing their approaches to how the PC market with OS upgrades. Microsoft seem to make big , radical changes after periods of time (see the gap between Windows XP and Vista),
whilst Apple chooses to update their OS gradually over short periods of time (only a year between Leopard and Snopw Leopard). Sony’s approach sounds very similar to Apple’s…