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Why does the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3?

Good Gear Guide  has written a pretty accurate  article on  Sony and why the gaming media/press hates the PS3.

The arrival of the PS3 Slim has done nothing to quell the fires of hatred from the gaming press. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, fair and balanced journalism seems to have gone out the window when it comes to Sony, with many commentators treating the Nippon conglomerate with as much distaste as a sniffling swine flu victim. Just what has Sony done to tick you all off, exactly? Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks? Did he punch you in the nose or steal your partner? Or is Sony simply an easy target to kick in the butt — like celebrity Tom Cruise or Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks?

 Whichever way you shake it, it’s obvious that certain elements of the press were determined to sink the PlayStation 3 before it even set sail. And the hate has only intensified over time — look no further than Gameplayer’s volatile Sony Gives 64 Million Gamers The Finger article for concrete proof. Even relatively sober critiques can’t help adding sensationalist headlines. (e.g. 10 things I hate about the PS3). Those of you who own a PlayStation 3 are already aware of the anti-PS3 bias in the press — it’s kind of hard to ignore. Well, it’s time that somebody made a stand. It’s time to step up to the plate and shout “no more!” To other games journalists I say: lay off Sony and the PlayStation 3. We need to bring balance and fairness back into games journalism.

The article goes on to remind those who obviously didn’t get the memo on how it was Sony who started the  motion technology with the Eye Toy.

Even the popularity of motion control can be partly attributed to Sony: the Sony EyeToy was a household name long before people started trashing their homes with nunchucks. At every turn, the PlayStation is there, helping to shape the video game landscape. So where’s the love, people? If Nintendo can get by on broken shovelware and a fading sense of nostalgia, surely Sony deserves better treatment? I know which console I’d rather be playing, anyway.

Since our community was recently hooked up with DSL, my Sony bashing brother ( who I’ve mention several times before ) has bought a PS3, plays T5DR: Online, and preordered Tekken 6( PS3) and Demon’s Souls. He even admitted after 3 years of riding the PS3 hate train and after 4 RROD 360s, that the PS3 is the better system. ( I think PSN being free vs LIVE was the turning point. )

I don’t know if the gaming media will ever change their biased stance toward Sony but I think gamers that used to be anti Sony since 2005 are slowly realising that they are missing out on a great, reliable  machine with the PS3.

 Read the full article here