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Cross-Game Chat Controversies

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If you’re an internet dweller like me, who has nothing to do than search the web and mess around with J-creator, then you’ve heard of the argument by now. For some odd reason, “Cross-Game Chat” isn’t coming with FW 3.00, as promised. (Couldn’t find link to this, may have been taken down due to this.) But, since there is a lot of confusion, a lot of people are pointing fingers at companies and destroying their forums as posted here by Super-Secret, which has gained some recognition with his PS3 slim and price cut posts. He predicted what would be in the FW as well, but people are really mistaking what this guy was saying.

So, basically, the reason for in-game music and cross game chat wasn’t universally used in every game is because of “some game company”. Apparently, the workaround for in-game music was to let the developers implement it themselves, which, according to him, wasn’t the plan. Now Sony is having the same problem with the same people AGAIN because it would cause lag on their servers and make some of their games look “inferior”, which is a little ridiculous. Whatever. They seem to be blaming EA.

Here’s my Idea
Make an app specifically for cross game chat and run it on Sony’s own servers. Hell, I’d pay 3-4 dollars for such an app (most likely monthly…). Don’t give me “That would set the regular users apart from casual gamers”. That’s beside the point, and would a casual gamer request such a feature? I don’t believe so. Tell me what you think in the comments.