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The Weekly Recap (August 23-29)

Not surprisingly, it’s been a relatively slow week in terms of news. We got a few opinion articles here and there, tidbits on upcoming games, Slim launch stories, including its ad campaigns, stuff like that, but nothing spectacular. Tokyo Game Show is coming up this month, so we should definitely be seeing a lot more news in terms of games. We should be getting more in-depth detail about Gran Turismo 5, especially since it’s been pretty much confirmed to be hitting stores by the end of the year. Plus, maybe some more exclusive JRPGs to hit up? We’ll see. Tokyo Game Show takes place September 24th-27th, so we’ll still have about 3 or so Weekly Recaps until then.

First off, congratulations to Jason, abenja1 and Kenny6774 for winning the NFS: Shift Press Event and giving us some videos and feedback from the show! We had a total of 29 articles. Quite a drop from last week’s eh? Ah well, it was expected. I only had one or two turned in because there wasn’t really much to report that hadn’t been reported, and my sleep schedule was messed up so I waste half my day sleeping :P.

As far as ‘Contributor of the Week’ goes, that is awarded to Tosh with 12 regular news stories. Awesome boss, that matches my record from last week!

Now we got to hand out a couple other congrats, first being ‘Most Liked’ article, we’ve got a tie with 7 likes each, and those are Heavy Rain Script 16 Times Longer Then an Average Movie by Eddie and Why does the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3? by fleakitten. Good going folks!

And the last congrats goes to the topic with the ‘Most Comments’, which is awarded to Darrin with the article Joystiq Interview with Microsoft Xbox/PS3: The Tides Are Turning, netting in a total of 17 comments, probably due to it’s controversial material :P. Nice job making a topic that sparks that much interest, especially on a week like this ;).

Also, just to point out, forum profiles have more options for you, such as entering your PSN ID so folks can find you on PSN. Speaking of the forum, go ahead and check them out and post in there as well. They’re open to pretty much anything you want to discuss, as long as it’s appropriate and tasteful.

And, of course, this week’s Trivia:

This very rare turtle can be found in Cambodia near rivers and streams, mostly inland. They can grow up to six feet long (around 2 meters), and spends 95% of it’s life buried and still, only surfacing about 2 times a day to breathe. They lay between 20 and 28 eggs on riverbanks of slow moving rivers. Last known sighting of one of these creatures was back in 2007, before that was in 2003. What is the name (as well as scientific name) of this creature?

European Tekken 6 Limited Edition
Tosh – August 24th

PS3 hardware rises 30% after price drop.
fleakitten – August 24th

GamesCom: Heavy Rain Interview
Tosh – August 24th

Final Fantasy XIII Versus Dev Time is “Comparatively Faster” Then FFXIII
Eddie – August 24th

Koei’s PS3 exclusive rpg; Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
fleakitten – August 24th

Heavy Rain Script 16 Times Longer Then an Average Movie
Eddie – August 25th

Rumor: God of War Trilogy on Blu-ray
Eddie – August 25th

PS3 Slim Japanese Commercials
Blackstaffer – August 25th

PS3 Re-Launch, Just the Beginning?
Eddie – August 25th

PS3 Slim sells out at Amazon [Update]
Tosh – August 25th

PS3 Slim – Spiderman Font gone when starting a game and new boot screen
Tosh – August 25th

A Collection of GamesCom Interviews
JimmyMagnum – August 25th

Shuhei Yoshida Interview.
Trev – August 26th

Why does the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3?
fleakitten – August 26th

What does the inside of the PS3 Slim look like?
Trev – August 26th

Locked Game Saves on the PS3
Tosh – August 26th

Ghostbusters gets graphical update patch.
Trev – August 27th

Uncharted 2 “impossible” on Xbox 360.
Trev – August 27th

Wished your PS3 pad was more like a 360s?
Trev – August 27th

Europe PS3 Slim Ads
Tosh – August 27th

American PS3 Slim TV Ads
Tosh – August 27th

100 New Pieces of Content for PlayStation Home today
Tosh – August 27th

Need For Speed Shift – Road America Trailer
Tosh – August 27th

Social Networking features coming to the PS3?
Tosh – August 28th

Joystiq Interview with Microsoft Xbox/PS3: The Tides Are Turning
Darrin – August 28th

Wither Multiplatform?
Darrin – August 28th

PS3 Slim will save you some money on your power bill
Tosh – August 28th

SCEA Research & Development (Part 1)
Tosh – August 28th

Cross-Game Chat Controversies
No Kill Tayler – August 29th

Blu-ray Releases for the week of 8.24.09
Tosh – August 24th

GT5 Accidentally Confirmed for Q4 2009 (Among Other Info)
JimmyMagnum – August 24th

SOCOM: Confrontation Patch 1.50 Live
Tosh – August 25th

PlayStation Network maintenance today
Tosh – August 25th

PS3 Slim now available
Tosh – August 25th

Guitar Hero 5 (September 1st)*
Mini Ninjas (September 1st)

* Also includes guitar bundle
Also, there may be a chance that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled will be released on the PSN this Thursday

Yeah, slow week for sure, nearing the bottom of the activity level since I started the Weekly Recap. Anyway, with that said, here are trailers for movies and games this week:


Guitar Hero 5

Mini Ninjas


Heroes: Season 3