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Sony to Start Big Focus on 3D Displays

At the Sony IFA event, Sony announced that they will begin a large push of 3D display technology and related content starting in 2010. They are working on 3D display hardware, Blu-Ray content, downloadable video content, and of course games that will take advantage of 3D display technology.


This is really exciting, but this opens more questions than answers:

  • Will 3D offerings be compatible with existing or recent HDTV sets?
  • Will they offer new displays that will deliver 3D effects without requiring special polarized viewing glasses? Will new displays offer any other 3D related advantages?
  • Will PS3 games take advantage of this? Will new hardware be required?
  • Will they offer goggle displays with separate left eye/right eye mini-screens and curved display surfaces to offer increased perspective accuracy?
  • Will 3D display be involved in a new PSP-like portable device (yes, I remember Nintendo’s massive Virtual Boy flop)