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Future Home Innovations

Home Virtual Pet

We’ve seen quite a few updates in Home lately, and at CESA Developers Conference in Japan, Sony showed off a few more additions that could very well make it into the public, with at least one being pretty useful.

First off, a future update will allow direct access to the PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to, for instance, walk around the mall, and if you decided you wanted to download that new demo everyone’s been talking about. You access the store while still in Home and download it from there.

One question I have concerning that, though, is will it just be queued up since you’re online with Home? Because most any games with online functionality pause downloads (I wish they gave you the option to download files and disable online functionality for the game while said files downloaded).

Also shown were two tech demos. The first one sounds quite interesting. It shows a virtual Bravia TV that was able to broadcast net radio, podcasts, and commercials, that can be synchronized with more than one user. Seems like we may finally be getting that TV they promised us before Home went into Beta! This could also open the flood gates to more content to stream to the TV, such as TV shows and stuff like that (an in-game on-demand service if you will).

The final tech demo Sony showed off was a “virtual pet” for use in your apartment. Yeah. Apparently, it will respond to your commands and walk around, etc. Currently, the tech demo only featured a robot, but the code was done in 5 days, so it’s still very early in development. In my opinion, that’s a bit ridiculous. If anything, it should be more an actual animal (then again, this is Japan 😛 ). What use is a virtual pet anyway?

From what it sounds like, the Store access is a definite future feature. The tech demos shown may or may not make it into Home, but I hope the Bravia with its streaming can do so at least. I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens! You can read about it at IGN, who, in turn, got the information from Famitsu.