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PS3 Slim Sales Musing

So now that the PS3 Slim has launched, and we have heard nothing but good things, how exactly has the PS3 Slim doing? I personally know several people that purchased a PS3 Slim lately.


We all know that when there is a new iteration or a new color of a console, it sells like crazy in Japan. The price drop may have helped some but Japan really doesn’t seem like a country that sits on the edge waiting for the last few yen to be shaved off before they jump on a console. So how did it do?

It sold 150,000 in the first week!

Let me put this into perspective for you. The black Nintendo Wii coupled with Monster Hunter 3 only sold 91,000 the first week in Japan. Something tells me FFXIII had a hand in that.


We all know that Europe is mostly Sonyland but even recently its been outsold in most areas by both consoles. Europe, I think, has absolutely been waiting on a price cut with the crazy taxes and conversion rates. So how did it do here?

Try a 999% increase outselling the 360 at 3:1!

There still aren’t any hard numbers, but that is one crazy increase.


Oh the USA. The land of the fallen I guess. PS1 and PS2 rained surpreme but the PS3 has taken a toll here in NA. Surely we have good news here as well?

Try a 104% increase doubling sales BUT this only includes the week ending the 29th!

Basically that means the PS3 sold around 75,000 units just at the price drop announced on the 18th and including only 2 days of the Slim being available BEFORE its official launch on the 30th!. Not only did it outsell the Wii and 360, but next week will most likely be even higher


France numbers are in! 37,000 opening week!


The chart track system for UK can only go to 999% on increases. The actual increase is 1100%!

Update 1:
France numbers are in

Japan’s numbers are only from 4 days of sales with shortages, so could be higher next week!