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MAG Pre-Order Items and Information

The Official PlayStation Blog has posted the pre-order bonus items and how you can achieve them. Most of them are exclusive costumes/characters with a couple other items thrown in for other retailers.

As you can see, pre-ordering from GameStop will net you the exclusive S.V.E.R. character, the RAVEN character from Game Crazy, and the VALOR character will also come from another retailer (no word on who, but it will most likely be Best Buy).

There will also be an exclusive S.V.E.R. Home personal space if you pre-order from Amazon. As an added bonus for those of you planning on pre-ordering from GameStop, you’ll also be granted access to the public beta that starts on October 12th, and also will extend Beta playing time after November 9th, allowing you to take part in it 24/7 (right now, the beta only takes place in a limited gameplay window between Monday and Friday), which will only be available to those who get into the public beta through this pre-order (no word on how it will affect those of us in the private beta).