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Sony considering to make PSP Go Dev Kits Free of Charge


According to Zeno Colaco, responsible for developer relations in Europe, Sony is considering to offer the PSP devkit free of charge in order to stimulate the development of the PSP Minis.

Colaco admitted to Develop that the Minis are burdened because of all the games that are coming to the iPhone. Therefor Colaco is adamant to win over as much developers as possible. In order to achieve that, Sony already lowered the price of the PSP dev kit with a whopping 80%.  According to the director Sony is now considering to offer their dev kit for free, because the iPhone does so as well.

Sony is currently looking into the possibility to offer the dev kits for free and how they are going to go about it. According to Colaco,  Sony isn’t planning on copying Apple’s business model: the Japanese company wants to support studios during the development of Minis. The number of developers stays manageable by asking money for a dev kit. It also enables Sony to support all of the development studios alike. This will not be able when the dev kits are free. He therefor considers to introduce a supported model, where developers must sign an agreement with Sony in order to get the free dev kit and support.

The price of the dev kit will not change in the coming months. The company is currently working with around 60 developer teams, that should finish about 50 games by the end of this year. Around 15 games will already be available when the PSP Go finally enters the shops on October 1st. He is considering make the dev kits free when the Minis gain traction. At the end of 2007 Sony already halved the price of the PlayStation 3 dev kit.