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Kingdom Hearts 3 to be unveiled at TGS?


Will Kingdom Hearts stay faithful to the console that made it what it is

Will Kingdom Hearts stay faithful to the console that made it what it is

According to Kotaku, reports are that the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine suggest that the third outing for the franchise is currently in development exclusively for Sony’s PS3, and that it will be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

Though spin-off installments have appeared on Nintendo’s hand held, the first two full installments to the popular franchise were exclusive to PS2. This would be a huge bonus for Sony who had lost the exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII, which is now a multi format title.


  1. King32

    Lets hope the KH3 will stay ps3 exclusive. This game could be the game that sony needs to overcome the 360. But if it really is a ps3 exclusive which i think it will be myself microsoft and nintendo better duck for cover cuz sony is coming for yo ass

  2. JimmyMagnum

    lmao, I think the Slim launch and price cut already did that quite effectively!

  3. Trieloth

    Well M$ and square have been holding hands for a while now, so the odds of it being exclusive is nearly impossible.

  4. King32

    True that M$ and square enix are real close but if sony if sony plays this one smart they will not let KH3 get away becuase if they do then im sorry to say but its all over. To me there are only a couple of games that can save sony which are GoW3, Uncharted series, InFamous series and if sony really wants to get ahead plz bring Jak and Daxter to PS3. With the Uncharted engine Jak and Daxter 4 would be amazing. But anyway KH3 exclusive for PS3 will be huge. Lets hope M$ doesnt steal this one to

  5. Eddie

    You do know that OPM said the same thing in 2008…word for word lol.

  6. Trieloth

    Interesting, at first sony needed to drop the price to save them selves but now its games need to save them? M$ cant even come close to the games sony has, lol.

  7. King32

    Hey you maybe rite. Im a playstation guy myself jus bought the ps3 slim and its great but if kingdom hearts 3 isnt exclusive then sony is gonna have hard times ahead and to b honest the kingdom hearts series isnt really sony exclusive going to the GBA and now the DS so all im saying is if KH3 goes to 360 then the ps3 will be in trouble. This is a AAA title that sony needs BAD!!!!

  8. I don’t even know Kingdom Hearts, my bad. Still, I don’t think it is the AAA title PS3 longs for.

  9. I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts either. Doesn’t interest me.

  10. If anything KHS will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan since Nomura’s behind it. I don’t see KH3 happening until Versus is nearly done though.

    What I want is for Sony to create their own fresh new rpg. Something to rival whatever SE can dish out.

  11. JimmyStewart

    I can’t wait to play this! Hopefully this turns out to be true, it seems KH3 rumors never pan out.

    Once again I’ll say that I don’t really care about all this “exclusive” fighting… as long as the game comes out I’ll play it. Doesn’t matter one bit to me what console it’s on.

    And Trieloth, in my view Sony needed both a price drop and games to save them. The price drop sizes them up nicely and I’d say gives them the edge hands down. But that doesn’t change that almost all the big titles are now either MS exclusives or multiplatform titles. If they did lose KH3 that would be huge.

    Part of the reason I justified buying a PS3 as a Blu-Ray player was to get a hold of God of War 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3. That’s it. It’s a huge shame it took Sony this long to get those two games out, at least in my eyes. I should be playing the fourth games in those series by now!
    All the other “big” titles Sony controlled I had no interest in. DMC, MGS and FF are all games I don’t really enjoy or play… and oddly they all ended up joining the 360 library. From a gamers perspective a PS3 library without compelling exclusives (Uncharted and LBP just don’t qualify to me) is a big deal.

  12. King32

    Thank You JimmyStewart. All im sayin is that if ps3 loses KH3 i minus well buy a 360 elite. But like i said lets hope that they dont

  13. Eddie

    KH3 isn’t the thread that holds the PS3 together…with that said…it is a AAA title that the PS3 would greatly benefit from.

  14. King32

    I think it is one of the strings that ppl want to see stay on ps3. To me despite all the awsome games on ps2 if KH and KH2 was on the 1st xbox then alot of ppl wouldve been buying xbox’s. the kH series to me is what made the ps2 a friendly console that everybody can play. C’mon now disney characters mixed with final fansty characters. FF is huge and Disney is out of this world. To make a long story short PS3 NEEDS KH3 to be EXCLUSIVE.

  15. Cyclone


    Your stubborn insolent cries matter not! You are clearly spoiled and saddened. Crying for an exlusive game shows your spoiled qualities at wanted something to happen all because of your own opinion. You dont know what the people like, the “people” may not even be real but part of your imaginative end being created to boost your own opinion. Take it from me they could care less about exlusive crap, money is what there in for and money is what they’ll get if they go multi-platform. So crying for an exlusive game matters not,matters not because your one voice matters not. Especially when…through the text can I see your a spoiled little brat who thinks they can cry there way to the impossible.

    Pathetic, how a mere child expects to sway a market with one voice. Yes it would benifit PS3,yes it could be exlusive. But the question is:Do they really care about it being exlusive? Or will they simply port it over to 360 as well and double the profits.

    The only person here with a decent mind, and a good eye is Trieloth. For perfectly understanding the situation and simply stating his mind. Without bothering to respond to patheticly made contridictions.

    I pity you all.

  16. JimmyMagnum

    @ Cyclone:

    Let this be a warning to you. We don’t allow flaming of other members here. If you disagree with someone’s opinion, you don’t revert to name calling. Some people would prefer to have it exclusive, some prefer it to go multi-platform.

    In the end, neither opinion is going to change someone’s mind. If it stays exclusive, so be it; if not, who cares. Sony will more than likely get most of the fanbase anyway, especially since the Slim and the price cut growing the install base of the PS3 by a large, considerable margin.

    Sure, going multi-platform would net in a lot of money for the developer, but exclusivity is also a big deal for quite a few developers (I’m talking 3rd party).

    For example, since it was the PlayStation brand that helped Rockstar Games get on the map with Grand Theft Auto, they’re making Agent exclusively for the PS3 (not sure if it’s a timed exclusive or not though). They could have made it multi-platform like they did with GTA, but they obviously have a sort of brand loyalty themselves (though the GTAIV episodes were bought out by Microsoft) and expect Agent to establish itself on PS3 like GTA3 did on PS2.

    Now, going back to what I said earlier, if you have something negative to say about someone, keep it to yourself, unless you want to get banned and be forever known as a troll!

    Have a great day! 😀

  17. Cyclone

    Tch. No wonder pathetic comments get posted on here without discipline. Even the “mod” or whatever you are seems to let things slide and act so childish.

    A permanant ban? Big deal. This site matters not to me and seems pathetic as is. Why would I honestly care about being known as a troll on such site. As I said earlier I pity those on this site who have a true valid,mature opinion on matters such as these. Unlike members who refuse to take facts and such into there opinions and take educated guesses.

    I mean not to start a flame war but to start a mature trend here. This is my last post, so a ban is meaningless. Altough I wanted to say jimmymagnum you should do a little more research yourself. And being negative is sometimes good. It influences people to have a reality-check. To see and reflect upon what they said and learn a good lesson.

    Now I take my leave with one last good bye.

    I will get a PS3 Slim. I hope this site can man-up and to the jimmys who seem like mods. I hope I didnt leave too big a mark as I tried to teach a member how to properlly bring facts together.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  18. sonicmario341

    well to me i would love to see a port of it. don’t forget to all you people who have a ps3 there are people that like the kingdom hearts franchise that own a 360 so maybe you might want to think about the people who might get crushed or discoreged if it comes on the ps3. i might get a ps3 or slim his christmas but only for kh if it’s a exclusive.

  19. JimmyMagnum

    I am having a great day Cyclone! With that being your last post and all. If anything, you’re the one with a childish demeanor! You haven’t brought anything to the table and all you do is ridicule other people. You want to “man-up” the site and make things more mature, but you’re going about it in an opposite manner.

    Also, as a side note, I don’t need to do any research to understand you’re a douche bag and an a**hole who craves attention :D. I don’t agree with King’s statement either, but I’m not going to call him “childish” and ridicule him because of it. That’s his opinion and that’s that. As far as my statement above, that is, indeed, not an opinion and is an indisputable fact. Grow up kid.

    Also, stay in school, because your spelling and grammatical errors are atrocious! No one is ever going to take you seriously if you can’t manage to spell words right and construct a proper sentence!