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FIFA 10 Demo Impressions.


FIFA 10 Demo hit the PSN and offers up a full match between any of 6 teams; Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Olympique Marseille and the almighty… Chicago Fire. Weirdly the demo prominently features Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney but neither he or is team are in the demo at all. There is a decent selection of teams though and its nice to be able to play a full match in a demo (3 minute halves) , which are decided by penalties if tied.

The game feels slightly slower compared to last year’s version and a little meatier in the challenges. This is a good change making a more authentic feel so you really do know when Terry makes a hard tackle. A great new feature now is the option to take a quick free kick, while it doesn’t allow you to take a quick shot you can quickly get your passing game flowing again which should make multiplayer games much more fast paced.


– Xavi lines up a quick free kick.

The ball physics are also much improved although shots can still feel a little floaty. The best improvement now its 360Ëš movement which wasn’t too noticeable in player runs but became apparent when distributing the ball around the pitch and at first lead to a few misplaced passes. Its a welcome addition though and helps the game to feel more realistic.

Not featured in the demo is the new set piece creator, which is a shame as I would like to try out its effectiveness. Its also a shame FIFA 10 seems to have the same, sluggish menu system which can be slow to scroll and load new pages. FIFA 10 seems to retain a lot of the same cut scene animations first seen in FIFA 08 along with other in game animations help to make this feel like not much of an update over 09 as did to 08. Sure this is still a great game of football but it just hasn’t improved as much as I had expected. It will be interesting to see how Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 shapes up when the demo is released next month. I feel the contest for the best football game this year is far from over as reports from GamesCom suggested Konami’s title has come along in leaps and bounds.

Oh and I thought I’d share with you a goal I scored…