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Stop Screwing Sony users!!


Another chain mail has started working its way around PSN to start up protests, after such a successful one against Infinity Ward, this time against Sony’s lack of exclusives and poor quality multi-platform titles. The protest reads as follows;

This is a petition to Sony. Reasin why: Xbox keeps stealing exclusives, & paying companies to screw our version of games so, xbox won’t look bad. There is other things too but, I paid $600 for my PS3 because it promised next generation games on it. I don’t think it’s right we keep getting screw in the process. So, lets petition the game developers through PSN. Put: (Stop Screwing Sony users) in ur comments for the rest of this month!! Copy & paster to all ur friends. Spread the Word (Stop Screwing Sony)

This is quite a conspiracy theory suggesting that Microsoft has managed to pay developers to make poor versions of their games for PS3 and find this hard to believe. Sure the petition has a point, in that Sony could sign more exclusives and get multi-platform games to perform better. I just don’t think posting such comments is the right way to go about getting your complaints heard.