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PlayStation Network Emails and Promotions

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who’s been getting these, but it seems PSN is sending out emails more frequently to users. They’re mostly promotional, giving you something for free or letting you know of some sort of a collaborative effort between Sony and an outside company.

I received two emails within 12 hours; one was for a free episode of Vampire Diaries to download off of the PlayStation Store (in which Tosh and I are giving away our voucher codes, seeing as the show doesn’t interest us). The other was a promotion from Papa John’s Pizza. Here’s what it says:

Now you can jump over to your PlayStation┬«3 browser between epic battles and high-speed races to get a hot delicious pizza delivered to your door. Talk about convenience. Just click on the Papa John’s button on the PS3 system browser homepage. You’ll go straight to the Papa John’s ordering page where you’ll find special offers. All this while never having to leave the comfort of your PS3 system.

This is VERY convenient for fat gamers like myself ­čśŤ (just kidding, I just use a computer). I guess stuff like this is pretty cool, assuming you use the PS3’s Browser home page. Not sure how useful such a feature would be, but it’s nice to see some promotional effort between two companies like this. Sony could actually rake in a lot of ad revenue this way because the PS3 has a built in browser.

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