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Wireless Multiplayer and Downloadable Content A No Go For PSP Minis

In an effort to speed up the QA approval process, SCE has decided to disallow downloadable content and wireless multiplayer in PSP Minis games. It’s not really too much of a big deal, considering the games will have a 100MB file size limit, meaning the titles will be small and quick playing anyway.

This will, in return, shorten QA approval from a couple weeks for a regular PSP title down to three to five days. Thus, the turnaround of the development finishing and getting onto the PSN store would be a lot quicker. Speeding up the process like this will also cheapen the costs (since it takes less time) and more titles would be available for purchase.

The downside to this would be the fact that software updates may not be approved when it comes to patches. They might inform users that they may have to download the title again to replace the old one for the update (my guess anyway). If there is a title in development that is going to have a multiplayer feature, though, then it would have to be considered a regular PSP game and go through the long, drawn out approval process, resulting in a potential higher price tag.

You can read the original story over at PSP Minis titles will become available in a couple weeks (October 1st) to coincide with the launch of the PSP Go.