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PES 2010 Demo Impressions.


Konami revealed their latest version of PES which goes head to head with FIFA 10 next month. I was very optimistic for this demo as recent coverage had reported a considerable improvement in Konami’s series suggesting it has caught up with EA’s FIFA. The demo features 6 teams; Barcelona, Liverpool, France, Germany, Italy and Spain and you play one full match.

The first thing you notice about PES 2010 is the much improved presentation from the new menu styles with match programmes, licensed music and pre-loading the match whilst selecting your team. The first time you see the players in the tunnel took my breath away, I couldn’t believe how detailed the faces and kits are. The graphics are that good, with consistent kits with letter and number properly rendered. For the most part the cut-scenes and replays keeps the frame rate up but it could still be a little better, I hope the full version irons this out as replays can be difficult to watch.

The first thing I noticed about the actual game play though was slow response times and it feeling very automatic. You can’t manually pass without using the righ stick which proves very tricky which was disappointing, also shot dummies wouldn’t allow you to fake your opponent and had no animation, very peculiar. There also seems to be no advantage rule with all fouls being immediately called and no quick free kicks can be taken. The CPU also doesn’t foul you and I have yet been unable to take a free kick at goal, I could see the scoring 5 FK trophy being difficult to acquire. Goal keepers are also questionable with timing their runs leaving open goals and seemingly not fully extending their arms to make saves. Players also run like hunchbacks.

But despite all these problems it is still a considerable improvement over PES 2009 and the game play can prove to be as fun as ever. It’s not quite at the levels of the series on the PS2 but it is very close. Its an enjoyable game of football which seems to be splitting opinions as to whether the king is back. The game is still not finished though but Konami will need to pull their socks up and keep their heads high if they are to reclaim the title.