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Shout if you want trophies for Valkyria Chronicles.

Sega stated that they would make more PS3 exclusives if  their 1st rpg for the system ,Valkyria Chronicles, sold well. Eventhough intial sales were flat ( mainly due to the time of it’s release ), VC is now a top seller. During the month of April alone, VC  saw a 400% increase in sales from the previous month.

The game sold almost as many units in that single month as it did upon launch last year – an extremely rare case for video games, says SEGA.

SEGA credited the games fans for the increase of sales and now they say it’s up to YOU if you want a trophy patch for the title.

 “I wouldn’t keep you guys hoping if it was impossible,” Aaron Webber of Sega wrote. “I’m a fan of the game as well, and I don’t believe in stringing people along for things that might not happen. All of the fans should keep posting about it and keep requesting the trophies, gather as much support as possible. “Number speak loudest!” he noted.

You heard the man, gamers! Get on your roofs and shout to SEGA how much you want to show the world that you defeated the Marmota with a good ol’ fashion shiny trophy!

Or just send them an email. Effective but less dramatic…