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Uncharted 2 Interview At PAX

The Official Blog had interviewed Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig over at PAX with some interesting stuff. Nothing that will spoil the game at all, but there are some interesting details. Right at the beginning, they said the story is definitely not over, so we may even see some more games in the future, which would be awesome! There are also over 90 minutes of non-interactive cutscenes, which tells you how long the game should take to complete :P.

Also, apparently, the first Uncharted only used about a third of the PS3’s capabilities, but this time, they squeezed as much out of it as thy possibly could, and that’s very evident just by looking in the pictures and videos.

Be sure to check out XPlay tonight for some more Uncharted 2 goodness, including a behind-the-scenes. Here are some of the details:

And be sure to tune in to G4 tonight at 6:30PM ET/PT for a 30-minute special episode of X-Play that features a behind-the-scenes visit to Naughty Dog. Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb get the scoop on UNCHARTED 2’s epic single-player campaign, go in-depth on co-op, as well as what it takes to design the game’s highly intricate and difficult puzzles.

Going by that description be warned, though, because it sounds like there may be a few spoilers. Check it out if you are interested though. I don’t have the channel, so I won’t be able to watch it :(. Who isn’t looking forward to Uncharted 2? The game will be released stateside on October 13th and hit European territories on October 16th, one week earlier than previously listed.