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PlayStation Home Update 1.3 not coming this month

Home Update 1.3

If you where looking forward to shrinking yourself, having Universal Game Launching, access to virtual cameras, more emotes, and be able to try on clothes before you purchase them. You’ll have to wait just a little longer. Sony said this was coming in September and this is the last Thursday for the month. So hopefully this update comes early October. It would have been nice to have the update come out the same time the PS3 Slim did, so new PS3 users could experience it.

One of the Home Managers, CydoniaX had this to say:

“Hi Home Community,

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for the 1.3 client upgrade and would like an update on its release. Our development team is still actively and diligently working on getting it through the final stages of QA and this has taken longer than previously anticipated. We still expect to release the new version in the very near future. We appreciate your continued patience and support.