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PSN Demo Quick Impressions

Wow, five interesting PS3 demos this week! I would love to hear other reactions in the comments…

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

This nails the classical ninja action adventure genre. However, for my tastes, it takes ninjas a little too seriously. The graphics are gorgeous but artistically generic. The story is dry ninja material. And the complex and elaborate combat system, which is clearly the centerpiece of the game and is lauded by fans for being “deep”, is just pointlessly arcane for my tastes. The more serious ninja fans out there will love this one though.


Generic frag-fast shooter. Skip it. It isn’t bad, but there are so many other games of this exact style that are just far better.

Zombie Apocalypse

Nice dual-stick shooter. The single player isn’t interesting enough to stand out from the rest, but the co-op mode sounds fun (haven’t tried it yet). This does look better than the other recent zombie dual stick shooter (forget the name). One frustrating piece is that the zombies often visually blend into the background.


High quality single player story-heavy, scripted, linear, guided shooter. Similar to the single player modes of Call of Duty or Resisance or Dead Space or Army of Two or Killzone 2… I’ve currently lost interest in by-the-numbers story-centric shooters like this, but it really does look like a high quality games of its type.

Lost Planet 2 Co-Op

This is the real gem of the pack which I wasn’t expecting given the reviews that I read for the first game. Even by 2009 standards, many of the visual effects are really eye-popping. The online four player co-op mode featured in the demo was a lot of fun. The weapons, effects, and mostly the epic monster at the end were absolutely spectacular. So far, the big downside is that I didn’t feel any strategy to the game play. It felt to simple and button-mashy, but that may just be the limited scope of the demo.