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Trent Reznor Sony Bashing

From here:

Being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Sony. Their entire strategy behind the PlayStation is to focus on gaming as an experience last and getting a Blu-ray player in your living room comes first. Now, three years later they’re trying to release a motion controller that’s a little bit better than the Wii’s.

Wow, what a hot-headed opinion on technology brand politics!

A few counter points:

If you are upset at Sony’s ulterior Blu-Ray motives, was Microsoft’s HD-DVD agenda any better? Microsoft refused to support Blu-Ray on purely political grounds, mostly because of PS3 and the Java interactivity layer. They aggressively poured lots of money into HD-DVD to help the standard gain leverage, did tons of PR, threw lots of mud (remember they claimed that the dual-layer blu-ray discs we now see everywhere were an unrealistic fantasy?), and then backed away only when HD-DVD became a complete and total flop. Is that somehow more noble?

Microsoft’s entire intention in the video games market is to control technology standards and APIs and be the middleman for all games/music/movies transactions. Sony also aims to be a technology infrastructure middle man, but they are much more serious about being first class managers of innovative game studios as well.

Secondly, Nintendo and Apple aren’t saints either. Clearly, they make some amazing consumer products, and we should applaud them for that, but if you are concerned with developer-side innovation and the creative struggle of the small developers and hobbyists, they aren’t necessarily the best companies to partner with.

I like what I’m seeing from Xbox where they’re providing a place to get indie games and you don’t have to hack your system or fight updates to get those games on it. Again, the iPhone is another platform that’s inspiring and allows developers to make a game in a reasonable amount of time, with little money and allows for the possibility of something cool. Innovation is the key

First, as a quick aside, PS3/PSP have tons of “indie” games from small unproven studios and one-man teams. And realistically, the biggest and most successful technology infrastructure platform for low-budget or hobbyist developed games is Adobe’s Flash, even if it isn’t as much of a buzzword as iPhone or Microsoft’s efforts.

But most importantly, why not talk about the actual games and innovations themselves rather than the technology infrastructure platforms and brands and politics behind them?