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The Weekly Recap (September 20-26)

Tokyo Game Show Edition

We’re almost through Tokyo Game Show this year. Got a day or two left. So far, not much has been revealed, but we have gotten details on upcoming bundles and stuff like that. Other details for a few games have also been made public. There hasn’t been too many previously unannounced games shown and for the most part, was uneventful. We did get to see some actual games running on the new motion controller, which was a huge step over the 360’s Project Natal and it’s developer panel and target videos! That should be hitting shelves next spring. You can tell this TGS was lacking due to the number of submissions we got. Anyway, onto community news.

Starting things off, we recently had a giveaway for the HDVC Video Optimizer, and the winners were Yodaddy, LazerFX and Tom, so congratulations to you three! We also had a giveaway for vouchers for a free copy of Vampire Diaries, but no one replied, so we don’t know if anyone used those voucher codes, but they are expired now!

Now for this week’s recognitions. For starters, we only had 28 articles submitted total. For being a convention week, that’s really low! We had over 40 from GDC! Tosh is awarded this week’s ‘Contributor of the Week’ award for 7 submissions. As far as ‘Most Liked’ article, JimmyMagnum gets that for my article TGS 2009: The Last Guardian: Behind the Scenes and Trailer, getting 8 likes total. *pats self on back*. Eddie is awarded ‘Most Comments’ with his article PSP Go too Small? Use a Dual Shock Controller!, netting in a total of 15 comments, so awesome job there!

Also, it seems Tosh is now awarding points for these recognitions, and they are as follows:

  • Most likes (75 points)
  • Most comments(75 points)
  • Contributor of the Week(150 points)

Since Tosh doesn’t add points for himself, not sure where they would go, but I wound up with 6 articles total if it’s awarded to second place in that case :P.

Now for the fun section πŸ˜› :

Which word in the English language is most frequently spelled wrong?

Instead of saying the answer in the comments section, PM me in the ‘Community’ and I will announce winners on the next recap! This way, more people will be able to take part in it (you may have to view one of my posts in there. The PM link would be above my post)!

FIFA 10 Advert.
Trev – September 20th

PSP Go too Small? Use a Dual Shock Controller!
Eddie – September 21st

PES 2010 Demo Impressions.
Trev – September 21st

Official Blog Asking For Your Questions
JimmyMagnum – September 21st

Sega Accidently Leaks Notes from SCEA Meeting That Include PS2 BC
Eddie – September 22nd

Shout if you want trophies for Valkyria Chronicles.
fleakitten – September 22nd

Uncharted 2 Interview At PAX
JimmyMagnum – September 22nd

Games To Keep An Eye On: Blur
JimmyMagnum – September 22nd

GT5 tribute to 458 Italia.
Trev – September 23rd

Street Fighter IV β€œRound 2β€³ Fight Pad
DOWNSCHICKEN – September 23rd

In-game grief reporting facility?
Tosh – September 23rd

Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick Details & Box Art
Tosh – September 23rd

God of War III Demo Included in God of War Collection
Tosh – September 23rd

TGS 2009: Yakuza 4 & Lost Planet 2 Trailers
Tosh – September 23rd

TGS 2009: The Last Guardian: Behind the Scenes and Trailer
JimmyMagnum – September 23rd

For You Final Fantasy Freaks
JimmyMagnum – September 23rd

TGS 2009: Motion Controller and GT5
No Kill Tayler – September 24th

Trev – September 24th

TGS 2009: More Playstation Motion Controller Details and Supported Games
Tosh – September 24th

PS3 SLIM Shifts 1 Millions Units in 3 Weeks
fleakitten – September 24th

White Knight Chronicles 2 TGS β€˜09 Trailer
fleakitten – September 25th

New Final Fantasy XIV Online Trailer
Eddie – September 25th

PlayStation Home Update 1.3 not coming this month
Tosh – September 25th

Trent Reznor Sony Bashing
Darrin – September 25th

PlayStation Motion Controller in Action | LittleBigPlanet & Resident Evil 5
Tosh – September 25th

PSN Demo Quick Impressions
Darrin – September 25th

Official Word on UK PS3 Bundles
JimmyMagnum – September 25th

What To Expect From KoeiTecmo In 2010
fleakitten – September 25th

Uncharted 2 Deal at Amazon
JimmyMagnum – September 20th

Pre Tokyo Game Show Rumors
fleakitten – September 22nd

First Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition Sweepstakes
JimmyMagnum – September 22nd

Expanding Horizons: New Official Blogs
JimmyMagnum – September 22nd

Want To Know More About FFXIIIVersus?
fleakitten – September 23rd

[Live Blog List] Sony Keynote – Tokyo Game Show 2009
Tosh – September 23rd

PS2 EyeToy Tech Demos Similiar to Natal
Tosh – September 24th

MGS: Peace Walker Demo
Tosh – September 24th

Rumor: Cross-Game Chat in Near Future
JimmyMagnum – September 24th

Get LBP Norse Mythology Pack Free
JimmyMagnum – September 25th

Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition (September 28th)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (September 29th)
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010 (September 29th)
Tornado Outbreak (September 29th)

Hopefully next week will be a little busier. The holiday season is creeping up fast. Until next week, thanks for reading and take care!


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition


The Invention of Lying

Monsters vs Aliens

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