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Uncharted 2: Player Problems


Last night some of us from got together and had a blast playing the Uncharted 2 demo. Let me see…. There was N3wbis, Fardoche, JimmyMagnum, YoDaddy, xBerserker, and me (Blackstaffer). Several of us mentioned that we were definitely buying the game. Yesterday I called EBGames to see if they have any pre-order bonus, and the answer was NO. (Technically, they had them, but the boxes were empty! So they’re looking into it.)

While the game is awesome and I’m definitely buying it, I did have a few issues. I guess that’s what a beta/demo is for?

Problem one. The first two people to join the party were Fardoche and N3wbis. They both had headsets. They problem was that I could hear both of them, but they couldn’t hear each other. Which was annoying because I’d ask a question and they’d both answer, but not hear each other, so they’d both continue talking, and I’d understand neither. Not their fault, of course, they should have been able to hear each other.

Next up was the Party system size limits. We had six people in our party, but we couldn’t enter any games because the party size limit for the game types is either five or three. I understand the three – those games only support 3 players after all. But what about the games that support ten players? The system could have split our party into two groups of three, and put us on opposing teams. Sure we’d be playing on opposite sides, but at least then nobody would miss out.

Having a group of friends together and having to let someone go just so the rest of you can play, that’s not right. YoDaddy was kind enough to leave the party so the rest of us could play, and I see that he later hooked up with Tosh, so that’s great. But that shouldn’t happen.

And what happens if you have a large group of players that you regularly want to play with? Like a clan? If you have ten players, five on five would be loads of fun because they’d all be people you know. Naughty Dog: this really needs to be fixed.

And lastly, about the three player multiplayer co-op mode (I forget the name – not the campaign one). (Goldrush?) It supports three players. But I think it could easily support four or even five, given the number of enemies that are coming at you. Naughty Dog can make it a requirement that five players can’t play on Easy, if they’re concerned about difficulty. But yeah, this could be fixed.

All in all I’m very happy playing this game. But there are a few little nigglies that need some grease applied.