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Is it a Go or is it No? Impressions.

You never realize how important that pesky UMD drive was until you lose it. Now that it’s gone, its comparably smaller, and it is quite the friend of your pocket.
I tested a couple games on both the 1000 and PSPGo such as Dissidia:Final Fantasy, Locoroco 2, and Castlevania:Symphony of the Night. (PlayStation 1 game, if you don’t know that.)
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With Locoroco 2, it is something you have to play with the screen down. Its quite the difference.With the exception of having to press the “O” button. The Go’s screen seems so crisp even under direct sunlight.
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Dissidia, feels more right with the Go. Naturally because of its tight controls and the analog stick on Go is well more balanced.(The only demo I used)
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Castlevania is pretty much the same except for the game isn’t in fullscreen mode and the colors seem more crisp. (I’m not sure if you can change this or not.)
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Now onto bluetooth. If you own a PS3 and the Go, you might as well connect your controller up to it and it makes games that much easier. For some odd reason I couldn’t connect my official headset from Sony. I tried tethering to my G1, and it worked fine. A little sluggish yes, but I wouldn’t recommend playing online unless you have an unlimited data plan. 😛

Buttons: the buttons are small, very small but feel more reliable. Sans the D-pad.

I heard somewhere that the processor is faster, and the only instance that I found this true was on the Playstation store when everything was quick and painless.

Final Verdict: If your upgrading, don’t. Its a great, little device, and very, very pocket friendly but its the same thing but with blutooth. If you haven’t picked a PSP yet, don’t go the 3000 route unless your the type of guy who rents games. Like many others, I want to know why Sony didn’t just put this device out first.