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PSN Paid Content Impressions from 10/1/2009 Update

There were tons of new items on the PSN store last Thursday. Reviews have been surprisingly scarce, so here are my own opinions in order from my least to most favorite:

Digger HD (PS3)

This is a loose remake of the classic arcade games Dig-Dug or Mr. Do. Everything is well done, but the simple gameplay is very dated by today’s standards. I’d only recommend this to those who are particularly into classic arcade style games.

Thexder Neo (PSP)

Wow, what a blast from the past. I remember playing tons of Thexder on my old Apple IIGS. This is a completely unexpected remake. The game is good, there are pseudo-2.5D effects, but the simple side-scrolling shooter gameplay also feels somewhat dated. I’d recommend this over Digger, but it’s still for fans of classic action games.

Fieldrunners (PSP)

Good, tower defense game. It seems low on unique touches, but it is very playable. From the amount that I played there is plenty of tower maze building if you like that kind of thing.

PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (PSP)

All the content of the original PS3 game and the Encore expansion island, plus a new island of content, new towers, songs, game options, modes, and touches. There is a lot of game here. This game fits the PSP much better than the PS3: there is absolutely zero loss in graphics or quality in the port to the lower spec hardware, and the game is well suited for portable play. The one advantage to the PS3 version is two-controller shared-screen co-op play, although the PSP has equivalent network play modes. PixelJunk Monsters has definitely been one of the better tower defense games. The downside is that it is kind of pricey for a tower defense game, and if you already bought the PS3 versions, most of the content and play mechanics are the same.

Beaterator (PSP)

This is a loop-based music editor and sequencer. There are dozens of desktop computer applications that offer this functionality, but of course, Beaterator aims to make this very accessible to end users. I’m not qualified to compare this to the traditional desktop apps, but this is a lot of fun, has tons of depth and flexibility, and is fairly easy to use. However, this is not a game, and requires effort to create songs.