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TDK’s 320 GB Blu-Rays

BD Discs

Yes, you read that correctly. Three hundred and twenty gigabytes….. Just consider the possibilities. The TDK Corp., a veteran of the media industry, has been through the highs and lows of business, but again they flex their strength in technology.

The secret of their new Blu-Ray disc lies within it’s foil. TDK used ten layers of foil, each capable of storing up to 32 GB of information. Other than it’s sheer size, it’s unique in the fact that it’s completely compatible with current Blu-Ray players and writers (Yes, your PS3 can use them, too). The prototype model of the disc is going to be shown in TGS this year (The Tokyo Game Show, for those of you who have forgotten). Also, TDK did not say when or if this will ever go into full production.  If you would like to read about how they accomplished this in much more detail, go here.

So what does this mean for you, the average gamer? It means that you could watch the entire Starwars or Lord of the Rings trilogy on a single disc. It means that you could play games that can literally last for weeks without ending. It means that you could back up your entire harddrive to one or two discs. If this at all sounds appealing, realize that this will be a possibilty in the relatively near future. However, there is one negative side to this: what exactly are you going to put on this disc?