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Control your PS3 from a mobile phone.


The Sony Ericsson Aino was launched in Europe today and the reason why this is being posted about on a PS3 blog is because it had a very exciting feature. It allows you to access your facebook PS3 from anywhere in the world. So what can you do with the Aino? well;

Using an Aino, users can:
turn a PS3 on and off
browse and control the XMB user interface
access the internet and any DRM free media content saved on the hard drive
sign in to the PS3 network and message friends
shop for items in the PS3 store
watch and record live television using PlayTV

This is a great feature for a phone to have for PS3 users and I’m surprised there has been no iPhone app made yet which could allow you to do this already. Its even easy to setup (as most Sony devices are) with the PS3.

Unfortunately there is no announcement of price or networks the phone is available on yet. Please let us know in the comments if you find out anymore details.

Sony Ericsson Launches The Aino Today [Euro PS Blog]