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Post 3.0 Firmware Wants

Now that firmware 3.0 has been with us for a while, I was thinking about what I would like changed in the venerable PS3’s operating system. And it really came down to two things: things I want fixed, and things I want added.

Things I want fixed. Firmware 3.0 is a mess. Can we all agree on that? First of all, it was a dot release at best, if not a dot dot release. The face that it got an whole number assigned to it was optimism at its worst. So I want this thing fixed. First of all, those ugly gray backgrounds in the friends list have to go. Why the developers didn’t cringe and puke upon its first implementation is beyond me. Next up, ever since firmware 3.0, autoplay has been broken. I even went into the settings and fixed it (I thought). But still it’s a no-go. Now admittedly, this might be a bad combination of settings, but I’m saying this anyway, just in case.

Things I want added. Now Tosh mentioned this the other day, and people don’t seem so enthusiastic about it. But cross game chat is a game changer, especially if they add one feature to it: auto connection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could specify a set of friends that you always wanted to connect to? As soon as you turn on your PS3 you could say “Hello?” and any of your friends that are online could give you a “Whassup?” in return. Or say you’re playing a game. Having a good time. Or bad, if you’re me playing multiplayer UC2 and finishing at the bottom again. Either way – you’re playing a game, and hear “Yo, dude, I just came online. How long before you’re ready for some action?” Wouldn’t that be great? Then another friend chimes in and says “Time for some co-op Uncharted, guy. Stop playing Flow and let’s go!”

Yup, the list of things the PS3 needs is getting smaller and smaller. I could mentioned some other things, like aping Xbox Live’s party system, but I’m not gonna. 🙂