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PlayStation Home Update: Content, Spaces and a Patch!

Tomorrow, PlayStation Home will have a few new things to check out, including an all new Uncharted 2 space, which is made from assets directly from the game itself. The space includes three mini-games, one being the Mask Mayhem mini game, where you can search for scattered remnants of an ancient Ganesh mask, which will be added to your wardrobe upon finding all the parts.

There’s also the Torch Race, which I am assuming is just a basic time trial race. And finally, a new battle card game called Fortunate Thieves:

… where players will seek out treasure on maps that are fully dynamic (with weather and terrain effects,) all while using the expandable card pack to thwart one another with a bevy of treacherous tricks.

According to Jack Buser, this is pretty much a full-on game that you’d expect to pay money for (so it’s that in-depth), but is completely free!

Also coming to Home tomorrow are two new spaces for Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6. Apart from both spaces containing content for said games, there will also be 25 alternate Street Fighter IV costumes that will be available in the Mall.

Speaking of the Mall, at the Estates store, you will also be able to pick up the new Penthouse personal space, which is supposed to represent a luxurious urban condo (and with that comes a huge number of new virtual items as well).

And finally, we’ve all been having issues with Home since 1.3 came out, but there will also be a new patch to be released tomorrow morning to coincide with the release of all this content (v1.32), which aims to fix all the server and sign on issues we’ve been dealing with, so it should be far easier to get into Home now.

According to Cydoniax, the publishing is taking longer than expected, so the update will take place on Friday instead of tomorrow.