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Borderlands PS3 Co-op Issues


Aside from Borderlands having the coolest weapon selection and quirky yet brilliant visuals and engrossing gameplay, oh and the coolest cover art ever! There appears to be one slight problem with the game. That “problem” is that the online co-op feature of the game is completely broken and I mean busted! Now this is not on a small scale either it’s happening to a lot of people. Now I won’t pay 120 dollars on a game (Australia) and have the multiplayer be so bad, especially in a game like Borderlands, it’s just not acceptable!

PS3 gamers and myself from all over the world are experiencing several game-breaking issues including a 30 minute freeze when joining a game, not having your friends show up on the games in game friends list and seriously laggy games and that’s if your lucky to even connect to anyone. In these modern times and the work that goes into making these games, I expected a lot better.

Considering the game is being sold on the promise of a seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op experience, gamers are really kicking off on the Gearbox forums. Its really frustrating and embarrassing on how developers can release a game with multiplayer which in this case being a big feature to the game. It’s like buying a car with no wheels!

Please Gearbox sort it out so we can appreciate the great game which Borderlands is.